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Hopscotch II / 2011 - badgerblog
September 11th, 2011
04:02 pm


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Hopscotch II / 2011
Thursday through Saturday I was at Hopscotch Music Festival, the second annual in what I hope is a series in Raleigh. Shows, links, and photos follow the cut. Also, My Hopscotch 2011 photoset at Flickr.


Dinner at Bu ku, then began with the music at Fletcher Music Hall for Steve Gunn, then Rhys Chatham performing his Guitar Trio with nine guitars, two bass, and drums (my friends Craig and Jenks were two of the guitarists). Amazing.

Rhys Chatham and friends

Over to Slim's for PC Worship and a few minutes of X-Ray Eyeballs, then to the Berkeley Cafe for Slasher Risk. Left before Oxbow played (I heard great things about Oxbow after), to see Cold Cave at the Pour House. Cold Cave reminded me a lot of mid-period The Cure, but more aggressive and uptempo. Definitely see them again.

Friday I took the day off and slept in, then went to the Raleigh City Museum for a panel:
Simple Words: The Power of Narrative Songs

Friday, Sept. 9: 3–5pm

Patterson Hood (of Drive-By Truckers)

John Vanderslice

Dolphus Ramseur (of Ramseur Records)

David Menconi (of The News & Observer)

Heather McEntire (of Mount Moriah, Bellafea)

James Jackson Toth (of Wooden Wand)

Stuart McLamb (of The Love Language)

Moderated by David Klein

Music by Wooden Wand

Nice discussion. Decided I should put Wooden Wand higher on my to-see list.

Spent the early evening with maegwynn and friends, then headed back downtown to Hopscotch for Wooden Wand and John Vanderslice at the Berkeley Cafe. Moved to King's for Brooklyn's Liturgy, followed by Earth. Earth is one of the main reasons I attended the festival and they were excellent. Had yet another BadgerFAQ checkoff.

Saturday I went to the City Plaza for the Flaming Lips circus as a rock band show:


big horn

The Eye of Sauron

I titled that last one The Eye of Sauron, but sort of wanted to title it Trust The Computer: The Computer Is Your Friend, probably because Friday night I was talking about promoting people to new jobs in reactor shielding.

After the Lips I headed again to the Berkeley Cafe for Caltrop, then Horseback. Caltrop was great. Horseback was awesome. Here's Jenks of Horseback killing it:

Horseback, The Berkeley Cafe

I left the Berkeley as the next band was setting up and walked seven blocks to one of the other venues to settle in there. As I arrived at the door a friend stopped me and said I really should hear the Duane Pitre Sextet - back at the Berkeley. So, trusting his judgement I turned around and retraced my steps BACK to the Berkeley. Yes, the Sextet was exactly one of my kinds of things, he was right. I stayed for the closer of the night at the Berk, a metal band named Krallice. Great stuff, but I'd had enough sonic assault and after they finished I headed home rather than roam the streets of downtown Raleigh.




Did not see and wanted to:

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