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your late night lullaby - badgerblog
August 25th, 2011
11:32 pm


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your late night lullaby

Something a bit more relaxed and downtempo after last night's Pipettes: Prize Fighter by A Particularly Vicious Rumor.

I saw A Particularly Vicious Rumor exactly once in May 2005 when they came up from their New Orleans to Durham and played the Ringside, this decayed and louche broken tile on the dancefloor / multiple staircases / semisecret spaces / peeling paint everywhere multi-story warehouse of wonderland that was one of my favorite clubs, not least for the astonishing library on the fourth floor. I played several shows there and enjoyed it every time, and spent many weekend nights there when I wasn't playing. The Prize Fighter song in the video above isn't my favorite off their only album, it's my second favorite - but I can't find mommy's angel anywhere online to share with you all and this is a fine song that you probably don't know. Enjoy.


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