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[film] Cave of Forgotten Dreams - badgerblog
August 16th, 2011
09:38 pm


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[film] Cave of Forgotten Dreams

maegwynn and I went to the Rialto tonight to see Werner Herzog's documentary Cave of Forgotten Dreams about the Chauvet Cave in southern France. Gorgeous footage of an almost-inaccessible cave with paintings a thousand feet back in a cliff and thirty-two thousand feet back in time. Nice work inside the cave, and some generally uninteresting interviews with the scientists.

Of special note was a final sequence set in greenhouses twenty miles away from the cave, in water warmed by DUN DUN DUNNN nuclear reactors. The greenhouses have crocodiles - according to Herzog "there are hundreds of them" now and "of course there are MUTANTS" in the crocodile population swimming in the waters warmed by nuclear reactors. At the transition point to the nuclear cooling towers and the greenhouses the soundtrack changed from soothing cellos and gentle choral arpeggios suitable for many churches to a harsh dissonant scraping double bass reminiscent of Peter Kowald or something composed by John Zorn.

If local, you have Wednesday and Thursday shows at 7pm to see Cave of Forgotten Dreams before it ends. Despite my above sarcasm, I do recommend it.

The Rialto is one of our favorite film theaters in the Triangle: only one screen but a great sound system, excellent environment, and for those who enjoy it a decent selection of beer on draft and a very nice wine selection.

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