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[film] Cowboys Vs. Aliens and Captain America - badgerblog
August 15th, 2011
05:06 pm


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[film] Cowboys Vs. Aliens and Captain America

If you haven't seen Defiance (and really, who did?) Cowboys versus Aliens gives Daniel Craig another chance to look good on a horse: this time as an amnesiac with a mysterious (even to him - amnesia, remember?) past in the American Wild West during an alien reconnaissance of our planet prior to wiping out the human race and taking everything. They like gold, too. Implausible but if that bothers you you must not have paid attention to the title. Good score, nice cinematography.

* Warhorse - Spielberg, a horse, and WWI.
* Tower Heist - Alan Alda plays a Wall Street tycoon confined to house arrest in his Manhattan penthouse. He ripped off millions from peoples' pension funds, including the entire staff of the building. He's rumored to have a stash of $20million or so hidden. The building staff decide to replenish their pensions by stealing his stash. Hilarity ensues, hopefully.
* Moneyball - Based on an Oakland CA baseball team manager reinventing the game by gaming the scoring system the way a blackjack sharp counts.

Captain America, on the other hand, is a solid superhero film. Liked it better than I liked Thor, not as much as Iron Man but close. The title character is played earnestly and without a hint of irony or sarcasm, a fact that makes the movie work for me in much the way that Speed Racer worked for me. Hugo Weaving is decently menacing as the Red Skull, and while I have minor nits to pick they are only minor. If you like superhero films at all, see this one.

Trailers: don't remember, sorry.

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