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new (7th) band announcement for ProgDay - badgerblog
August 14th, 2011
09:45 am


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new (7th) band announcement for ProgDay

Let's see: influences ranging from Magma to the Mahavishnu Orchestra and Meshuggah: if I wasn't there already, I'm already there.






ZEVIOUS Plays ProgDay 2011!

"After The Air Raid...is indeed a fun disc to listen to! These guys have melded the '70's Progressive Fusion Rock idea with a modern sensibility of ideas that should find a home with fans of Mahavishnu Orchestra to Frank Zappa to Progressive Metal fans of bands like Meshuggah. ...a complex, record to say the least, twisting and turning and pushing the boundaries of what Instrumental music could be. Structurally intense, odd and seemingly backwards at times, Zevious do seem utterly mad and genius at the same time." - Butch Jones, Sea Of Tranquility

"One of my most recent prog discoveries is Zevious, an aggressive New York City-based instrumental trio that tears a huge hole in the logic of labeling genres. On...After the Air Raid, Zevious takes influences from contemporary jazz artists like Vijay Iyer, the polymetric metal of Meshuggah, the vintage fusion of the Mahavishnu Orchestra and the avant-garde attitude of Magma. ...After the Air Raid defines adventurous music." - Michael Popke, Goldmine

"Zevious offer a cutting-edge permutation of that old classic rock stalwart, the power trio. “After the Air Raid” presents...a high-energy blend of sleek jazz/fusion modes, angular math-rock exertions, and a spicy sprinkling of metallic heaviness – challenging without being overtaxing, thoroughly modern without renouncing old-school progressive rock influences. In spite of its innovative potential, Zevious’ music is not meant to be abrasive or forbidding. Its power lies in its ability to keep the listener on their toes, though without wearying them out with a relentless barrage of wildly clashing sounds. ...they pack more twists and turns in their limited running time than many so-called ‘epics’, though without descending into the excesses to which the more experimental prog acts are often prone. ...definitely an excellent effort from one of the most promising bands on the current progressive rock scene. A stunning melting pot of diverse influences and creative ideas, “After the Air Raid” is highly recommended to anyone with a keen interest in genuinely progressive music." - Raffaella Berry, Progressor

With influences ranging from Magma to the Mahavishnu Orchestra and Meshuggah, we are happy to present one of the most distinctive up-and-coming bands on the modern instrumental prog scene.

ZEVIOUS (US) joins PERSEPHONE'S DREAM (US), MÖRGLBL (France), THE REBEL WHEEL (Canada), PANZERBALLETT (Germany), QUANTUM FANTAY (Belgium) and FIBONACCI SEQUENCE (US) at this year's ProgDay, the longest running progressive rock festival in the world. ProgDay's 17th edition will take place on Saturday, September 3, and Sunday, September 4 at Storybook Farm in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. For more information, and to hear music from all of this year's bands, please visit us at www.progday.net.


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