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new band announcement for ProgDay - badgerblog
August 1st, 2011
11:38 pm


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new band announcement for ProgDay

PERSEPHONE'S DREAM Plays ProgDay 2011!

PERSEPHONE'S DREAM (fondly known by it's fans as PD) is hard to categorize. Over it's almost 20 year history PD have followed the idea of creating moody mythic music fronted by female vocals and for the most part they have been thought of as being firmly in the "heavy prog" category. With the release of their fifth album, last year's Pan: An Urban Pastoral, the band has entered full-blown symphonic territory to create music that immerses the listener in ambience and beauty, blending symphonic prog with folk and a bit of jazz and metal, all deftly encased in a cinematic presentation with atmospherics worthy of Porcupine Tree. An ambitious work with segments that flow together into one long musical experience, "Pan" is considered by many critics to be one of the top 10 symphonic albums of 2010. ProgDay is pleased to present the first festival performance of "Pan" in its entirety, along with other favorites.

PERSEPHONE'S DREAM (US) joins MÖRGLBL (France), THE REBEL WHEEL (Canada), PANZERBALLETT (Germany), QUANTUM FANTAY (Belgium) and FIBONACCI SEQUENCE (US) at this year's ProgDay, the longest running progressive rock festival in the world. ProgDay's 17th edition will take place on Saturday, September 3, and Sunday, September 4 at Storybook Farm in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. For more information, and to hear music from all of this year's bands, please visit us at www.progday.net.







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