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[film] Captain America - badgerblog
July 23rd, 2011
10:01 am


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[film] Captain America
maegwynn and I went to see Captain America last night at Mission Valley. What we thought: at least as much fun as Thor. Stay after all the closing credits.
For starters a general observation: I think I'm personally a little burned out on both zombies and Nazis as antagonists. That said, I did flip channels last week into the first fifteen minutes of Ingluorious Basterds and watched it until the end. But please, can we have some new antagonists?

Nice reference to the Indiana Jones films where the Red Skull dismisses the events in Raiders of the Lost Ark with a sneering "and the Fuhrer digs for trinkets in the desert." Hugo Weaving makes a good Red Skull. Tommy Lee Jones as a Patton-quoting general works fine (Hydra bad guy charges shouting Hydra's battle cry "Where one falls two more rise up!" Jones: *gunfire* "Let's find two more."). Howard Stark reminded me of Jack Parsons.

A few too many slow-motion and setpiece montage inserts of action sequences, but not far too many. The assault on the big Hydra base in the Alps felt much like the Death Star sequences in Star Wars: curving corridors, lots of faceless masked stormtroopers like blaster rifles, pitched battle on a hangar deck, and Captain America flying a wildly-spinning small fighter plane.

Overall, big fun. Bad guys vanquished. Another piece in place for the run-up to The Avengers film.


* John Carter of Mars - 9mar2012. Yes, Edgar Rice Burroughs. Airships. Green men. I wonder what the thoats will look like.

* Rise of the Planet of the Apes - How the story got started. Some action scenes reminiscent of I, Robot.

* Cowboys & Aliens - 29july. Daniel Craig on a horse, blasters, and aliens.

* Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol - December. On the one hand it's hard to watch Tom Cruise in anything these days. On the other hand, directed by Brad Bird who did The Incredibles.

* The Avengers - May 2012. "Some Assembly Required".

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