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misc links - badgerblog
July 22nd, 2011
05:35 pm


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misc links

First from bryanalexander:

this is how Skynet starts
"the researchers handed over the instructions and taught the PCs a “machine-learning system so it could use a player’s manual to guide the development of a game-playing strategy.” They didn’t teach the PC how to play Civ, but they taught them how to read about it. … The AI continued to button-mash but, this time around, when words appeared on-screen the software compared them to text in the manual. It searched for other related words close-by and tried to guess what it all meant. The computer started “reading” the manual and impementing tactics in-game, just like we used to before the days of streamlined tutorials. Its win ratio was boosted from 46 per cent to a reasonable 79."

"StickyGram is a personalised printing service that turns your Instagram images into lovely little magnets. You create your pack online and we’ll deliver them to your door."

Chubbles/crabcore music
"Crabcore is a contemporary offshoot from the emocore/screamo sub-genre of hard rock music.

Unlike almost all other genres and sub-genres of music, crabcore is defined not by aural motifs, tones, lyrical content, or specific instrument ensembles; but rather by physical gesticulations and contortions of the arms and legs of individual band members during live performances of their music."

"If your love of the Italian giallo genre is limited to Dario Argento
be sure to check out the impressive list gathered in the Giallology."

"More of a work in progresss perhaps needing your
suggestions is Forget Me, Forget Me Not, a list of "amnesia
cinema," including such films as Mulholland Dr. and Certified Copy." "

Metal (music) addiction classified as a disability
"Roger Tullgren is a 42 year old metalhead […who] lives metal, claiming to have attended 300 shows last year, usually skipping out on work. This would result in him getting fired from jobs for lack of commitment, forcing him to go on welfare benefits to survive. To get welfare, you need to attend an occupational psychology session, and this is where the doctor determined that Tullgreen has a metal addiction and can file for disability."

"if you need a tough but good looking dude to glower menacingly and hurt people, either for the angels or the devils, then Sean Bean is your man.

The downside is that, well, he dies a lot. A LOT. It’s like he entered the extra lives code and is determined to use every single last damn one of them. And thus, the wickedly brilliant Harry Hanrahan has given us this most precious of gifts — an entire video dedicated to nothing but Sean Bean death scenes. It should go without saying that spoilers abound, so beware — it’s basically an entire video of spoilers."
A complete list of films in is on the linked page.

I just love the understatement of "Raising a statute of limitations defense is not exactly cooperation mode".


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