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[film] The Big Lebowski - badgerblog
July 21st, 2011
12:04 am


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[film] The Big Lebowski

Back from the Colony to see The Big Lebowski as part of their Cool Classics series. This is the fourth year they've run The Big Lebowski in the midsummer, the last three of which I've attended, the sixth time I've seen the film [1], and the third time I've left the jacket and hat off and worn a bathrobe and sunglasses to the screening. Huge crowd. Much fun. Door prizes included an ABIDE poster, a Lebowski film deck of cards, and like last year, an Oriental rug.

Schedule for upcoming special films at the Colony

This Saturday is a double feature of Phantom of the Paradise and Phantasm, with a custom art print for the Phantasm screening.

Next Thursday is James Bond night with Octopussy.

Next month the Cool Classics series screens Rushmore, which oddly enough, I've never seen. I look forward to the revolution in August.

[1] The last three screenings at the Colony, twice when it came out (I generally like the Coen Brothers' films), and once at Kings Barcade before it was torn down.

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