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[film] Ms. 45 - badgerblog
July 13th, 2011
11:10 pm


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[film] Ms. 45

Went to the Colony tonight for the monthly Cinema Overdrive screening, tonight of Abe Ferrara's 1980 revenge flick Ms.45. I'd forgotten most of this movie. They ran trailers before and after, and announced the Cinema Overdrive screenings for the rest of the year. Picked up the commemorative print for tonight's screening.

(The pink is slightly washed out by the background lighting.)

Slightly weirded out by a Colt 1911 that can hold a max of 9 rounds firing 33 times and they never show where or when she acquired extra bullets. Also, wondering if the nun with a gun image from this low-budget grindhouse film might have influenced Rodriguez putting Lindsey Lohan in a nun habit and giving her guns in his recent film Machete.

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