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your late night lullaby - badgerblog
July 12th, 2011
10:45 pm


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your late night lullaby
From http://www.wral.com/weather/ for Raleigh before noon today: Currently: 95. Feels like: 108. Expected high: 101. Wednesday is predicted to be as bad. So, your late night lullaby:

So I listen to Merzbow and Scanner and my first impulse when I hear scrabbling claws on aluminum HVAC ducts is not "call the exterminators" but "where's my portable recorder?" and I make music that sounds like industrial equipment seizing up when I'm not making longform drone that sounds like industrial equipment running smoothly. U2 is not my favorite band, or even in my top fourteen, but they've done some great stuff over the years and I own several of their albums.


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