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Pynchon and the pig - badgerblog
July 12th, 2011
12:41 pm


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Pynchon and the pig
Hall remembers the author [Pynchon] as a man who carried around a small plastic pig and lined the walls of his apartment with swine photos. The pig was a theme. Phyllis Gebauer, who was a lifelong friends of Pynchon's, recently shared this photo of her standing on his stoop with a pig piñata they named Claude.

Is Malkovich's reclusive pig-carrying character in RED a homage to Pynchon?


(Pynchon is in the picture above: that's his arm flashing a peace sign from the darkness of the doorway.)

And will Thomas Pynchon be revealed as a reclusive fisher king of the pigs in hiding at the end of the upcoming movie adaptation of Angry Birds?

(Don't Ever Antagonize The Horn)

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