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a weekend - badgerblog
July 5th, 2011
11:43 pm


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a weekend

Friday: The Fool's Lear at Burning Coal.

Saturday: Dropped off five pieces for custom framing, other errands, visited a friend who was at home to visitors, drove to Chapel Hill Comics for Angie's comic debut followed by dinner with friends, drove back to north Raleigh for a party, then arrived a little later than planned (it was a good party) for pizza, ice cream, and UFC match viewing at another friend's. Oh, also accused of ninjaing and threatened with death by Prius.

Sunday: Mediocre brunch at Tallula's on Franklin St (food was decent, service was terrible), framed posters, missed dinner (went to get pizza north of us, arrived five minutes before closing, argh).

Monday: More framing, cleaning, sorting, rearranging, then a long drive to a large party and fireworks.

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