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*waves* - badgerblog
June 27th, 2011
07:59 pm


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Monday: Drove for over two hours trying to find food for scorpions. May need new supplier.

Sunday night: Attended a friend's birthday party and the charity screening of Serenity.

Sunday afternoon: Walked around the Raleigh fairgrounds, was talked out of buying a huge gilt-framed oil painting (I was going to rip out the mediocre painting and replace it with a 4'x5' print of one of my glowing blue scorpions) because it was too large for over the mantel.

Saturday: Assembled a USB turntable, scouted a photoshoot site, drove around town hunting and (eventually) finding a buggy whipturntable slip mat.

Friday: Dinner at Bull City Burgers again. Not-so-horrible horror movie in evening.

Thursday: TriUPA webseminar downtown Raleigh, then later the Reliable Cheese Shop (just opened, excellent), Refresh the Triangle tech group night at Fullsteam Brewery (don't go there hungry: the beer is good but solid food would be nice), dinner at Bull City Burgers (garlic cloves as a topping and french fries optionally fried in duck fat). Horribly bad direct-to-DVD horror film.

Wednesday: Took eighty pounds of receipts to a shredding and recyling facility. Finished Game of Thrones.

Tuesday: Threw out another carload of junk. Started catching up on five eps of Game of Thrones.

Monday: Finished Treme.

Sunday: Friend's birthday party, high tea. Started catching up on five eps of Treme. Threw out a carload of junk.

Saturday: MakerFaireNC, theremin performance, bought maegwynn two handmade cleavers from my favorite local knifesmith at the gun show on the other side of the fairgrounds from MakerFaireNC and decided not to buy a Bren on impulse. Dinner at Dame's Chicken and Waffles in Durham.

Friday: Local community theatre production of The Threepenny Opera.

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