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Subscape Annex at MakerFaireNC AAR - badgerblog
June 19th, 2011
10:15 am


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Subscape Annex at MakerFaireNC AAR

Played the MakerFaireNC yesterday at the fairgrounds. Show seemed to go well, thanks to everyone who came out for my set.

Arrived about 9:30am, watched Brian John Mitchell of Silber play, set up for my 10:50-11:40am time slot. Moog Etherwave theremin, Moog MF-104 and MF-104SD delays, MF-102 ring mod, Akai Headrush and Digitech Jamman loopers, Acoustic Image amp. Played 20minutes of layered soundscape then invited audience members to come up and give it a try. Seemed to go over well. Significantly better attendance before 11am than I was expecting, but I'm not used to playing when it's light outside in the first place so what do I know?

Notes: Given the low end of the audio I like to work with, the Acoustic Image is far superior to the Roland portable amp. Makes sense as the AI was designed for acoustic upright bass players, and I got into the habit of using the Roland because it can run on batteries (important for when I was busking) and because it's about one-third the weight of the AI. But the AI sounds awesome.

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