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anyone got the number of James Bond's armorer? - badgerblog
June 17th, 2011
04:57 pm


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anyone got the number of James Bond's armorer?
Shoulder seam of jacket (just the lining this time, the previous failure involved the lining and the shell), an interior pocket of the same jacket, a shirt cuff button, and the D-ring holding one end of the satchel strap broke and then broke again. Replacing the satchel D-ring with a couple of loops of paracord: I thought about rebuilding the D-ring using JB Weld but this is faster to implement and also quieter. I don't need a personal tailor, I need an armorer as in "someone who makes armor". So if anyone knows how to reach James Bond's Q, or whoever makes his suits [1] drop me a note.

[1] Not Tom Ford, although he does very nice-looking tuxedoes, unless Ford works in Kevlar. I don't want bulletproof [2] as much as I want badgerproof.
[2] "Don't worry! These windows are bullet-resistant!"
*pow pow*
"Bullet resistant? Whatever happened to bulletproof?"
One of my favorite lines [3] from Strange Days.
[3] Ok, most of the movie falls into "favorite lines".

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