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Subscape Annex at Nightlight 8jun2011 AAR - badgerblog
June 11th, 2011
10:02 am


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Subscape Annex at Nightlight 8jun2011 AAR

8 June (Wednesday) - Chapel Hill - Subscape Annex (Raleigh NC), MAKE (Chapel Hill NC), Mr. Blank (Athens GA), Rat Babies (Athens GA) - Nightlight - Reverbnation event

Thanks to everyone who came, I hope you enjoyed the show.

Next show:
18 June (Saturday) - Raleigh - Maker Faire NC - NC State Fairgrounds

Tuesday night, the night before the gig:
me: I'm playing theremin tomorrow night opening for a swamp-metal band from Georgia. I'm thinking of going heavy.
Mark: How do you go heavy with a theremin?
me: *shrug* Two fuzz pedals?

Arrived, set up, said hello to the other bands that were there, started. I would like to state that even for an improvisational show I had less idea than usual of what I was going to do when I started as two of the cheaper pedals died as I was setting up, and I'd mentally planned around them. So the set was the equivalent of throw yourself off a cliff and learn to fly on the way down. It seemed to work: I thought the show went ok, and several people said so after the show. Minor annoyance from the evening leavened by the fact I'll probably never have to deal with it again, so that's nice. Tech issues resolved the next day so no replacement of gear needed. Good show.

Gear in third picture.

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