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[film] Hobo With a Shotgun - badgerblog
June 7th, 2011
11:59 pm


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[film] Hobo With a Shotgun
When life gives you razor blades... you make a baseball bat, covered in razor blades.

So a friend invited me to see Hobo With a Shotgun tonight at the Carolina Theatre. I was looking for an excuse to go to the Carolina as the Carolina closes this Sunday until October for renovations.

So how was the movie? An exploitation film with color saturation that looked like a Roger Corman film of the 70s or 80s but blood splatter levels reminiscent of Herschel Gordon Lewis, it's 86 minutes of full-on grindhouse cinema, given that it was adapted from one of the film trailers between the Tarantino-Rodriguez Grindhouse double feature. The first of the Grindhouse trailers to be filmed was last year's Machete. I liked Machete better. Hobo makes Class of 1984 look like a high-concept arthouse film in comparison. Gratuitous violence and viciousness. I was with a group of eight and not all made it through the film.

I must confess that I don't actually get why the writhing tentacles were present in the basement of the Ned Kelly-meets-Knightriders armored motorcyclist hit duo The Plague. Anyone?


The Double Hour - French suspense film. Looks interesting.

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