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upcoming shows with Subscape Annex - badgerblog
June 5th, 2011
07:11 pm


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upcoming shows with Subscape Annex

8 June (Wednesday) - Chapel Hill - Subscape Annex (Raleigh NC), MAKE (Chapel Hill NC), Mr. Blank (Athens GA), Rat Babies (Athens GA) - Nightlight - Reverbnation event

Rat Babies: dark, bass-heavy, mouth-foaming, gutteral-screaming, foamy-slobber-spitting, sweat-stained, two piece drum-n-bass, voodoo swamp-metal band out of the little known metal scene of Athens GA

MAKE: Boston space-rock band SUNTAN ex-member Scott Endres and current members of Chapel Hill math-metal band Systems, Daniel McDonald and Spencer Lee, MAKE is doing everything they can to crush your soul with riffs born out of the pink light which destroyed P.K. Dick

Mr. Blank: improvised experimental sound & performance exploration project

I may go heavy for this show.

18 June (Saturday) - Raleigh - Maker Faire NC - NC State Fairgrounds

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