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reads, incoming - badgerblog
June 4th, 2011
09:55 am


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reads, incoming

Two pictures four days apart.

Upper left clockwise:

* Richard Cavendish, The Black Arts - Gift from friends, classic overview reference.

* Daniel Schulke, Lux Haerisis. Gorgeously published, the cover art reminds me of Tony Wakeford's Sol Invictus artwork for his band of the same name.

* Robert Pyle, Where Bigfoot Walks - More of a naturalist-oriented survey of the areas of sasquatch sightings and tangentially on the people who look for Bigfoot. I've had an interest in what you could label geek subcultures for years.

* Gareth Hanrahan, Black Bag Jobs - Adventures book for the Laundry UK RPG based on Charles Stross' Len Deighton meets Cthulhu stories.


Upper left across and down:

* The Gnostic issue 4 - Alan Moore wrote an article a few years back for a magazine that stopped publishing before his article made it out. This has it.

* Fenris Wolf, also 4th issue - Ordered for the article by experimental percussionist Z'Ev.

* Transmetropolitan: All Around the World - Arrived yesterday and rescued from the outdoor heat by lunablack (thank you), a tribute to the Transmetropolitan graphic novel. Slipcover of the limited edition in upper right, snarling Spider Jersualem on dust jacket in middle right. I've been looking forward to this, and all proceeds benefit the CBLDF. A gorgeous book.

* Jane Oakley, Rasputin: Rascal Master - I still don't know where my copy of The Rasputin Files went, but this was on the used shelves while I was looking for a replacement of The Rasputin Files. Cheap, and some photos I haven't seen. Hoping for some tangential material on the Okhrana.

* David Icke, and the truth shall set you free - David Icke is one of the ruling powers of the conspiracy theorists, by all accounts an impeccably polite and pleasant fellow who argues, among other theories, that reptoid aliens (including pretty much all royalty and ultra-rich) have been ruling the world and feasting on human flesh for millenia. Hmm. Wonder if this was part of the origin for Eric Garcia's humorous detective {adjective} Rex series about a velociraptor private investigator. Once again, this is one of the reasons I study conspiracy theorists: I find them fun to read if I treat the works as alternate history dystopic SF set in the modern world. (Very rarely do I find a non-dystopic conspiracy theory.)

* Carol K. Mack and Dinah Mack, A Field Guide to Demons - Cultural anthropology survey of the world of supernatural entities. Sort of a monster manual without stats.

* Steven Brust, Dzur - I'm behind on this series, I know. Is anyone doing a reread at Tor on these yet? If not, I'm surprised.

* Jetse de Vries, Shine - An anthology of near-future optimistic SF as a conscious attempt to find stories about the near future that are not the what Joshua Ellis described as the grim meathook future.

* Sean Stewart, The Night Watch - A close friend recommended I read Stewart's Passion Play last year and I was impressed.

Now to add these to the already-towering to-read stacks of DOOM.

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