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[film] X-Men: First Class - badgerblog
June 4th, 2011
01:42 am


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[film] X-Men: First Class
So after an extremely cranky day, we went for dinner and X-Men: First Class at Mission Valley. Overall, a solid superhero flick with a whole lot of special effects. In terms of fun I had, I'd place it around Iron Man 2: not as much fun as the first Iron Man, more fun than Thor. I will say there's no short post-closing credits clip to stay for.

I was more of a DC comics kid and therefore didn't read much X-Men - the last time I was reading X-Men was about the first time the Sentinels showed up. I definitely haven't kept up with what passes for continuity in this reboot the universe seemingly every five years history, and can't speak to faithfulness with the comics or for example, I can't tell you if the actress playing the young non-blue Mystique was drawn like that, but Jennifer Lawrence does a fine job with her performance as Mystique. James MacAvoy plays the young Xavier with a roguish style that I can easily see as character continuity with how Patrick Stewart plays the mature Xavier. Rose Byrne faced off against Glenn Close repeatedly in the show Damages and helped make that show brilliant, and while she doesn't have a lot to work with, she's great. Michael Fassbender is convincing as Erik. Patrick Bacon plays a Nazi I wanted dead in the first two minutes on screen. Ray Wise has a small role as the US Secretary of State in the early 1960s, which caused some odd past-performance and situation echoes combining as "Bob from Twin Peaks is in the Situation Room - this can only be disastrous".

Precisely one special effects flub, and a minor one, I noticed in over two hours of screen time. The closing credits were fascinating for me: moving circles of light reminiscent of the James Bond opening credits animation sequences that shifted into wavery primitive-line graphics that reminded me of the Outer Limits credits.


* Warrior - Two brothers competing in everything including a world-class MMA competition.

* Green Lantern - New trailer focusing on the Lanterns and flying and special effects, not on the lead being a jerk. Makes the film look much more interesting than the other one did.

* Rise of the Planet of the Apes - Looks good. I think this movie is likelier to keep its promise "APES WILL RISE" than last year's Greek myths remake in which Titans did not, in fact, clash.

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