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misc links - badgerblog
May 12th, 2011
06:44 pm


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misc links

random links

This, this is awesome.
Day One Workshop
decrystallizing the computational
participants will recycle pcb's/IC/pins/connectors for minerals including copper/gold/silver/platinum/palladium
Day Two Workshop
escaping the pathology of the crystal
participants will create raw/renditioned mineral assemblies using piezoelectrics, positive feedback, colloidal dispersions
end of workshop will be followed by gold drinks and lo-no amp performances

It's also giving me flashbacks to crystalpunk.

This, this is also awesome.
We believe that a great deal can be learned by investigating the strange edge cases of the world. Border towns are the extreme edge of where geography and politics collide. They throw the abstractions of governance into sharp physical relief. They are a fertile site for investigation into questions of security, freedom, architecture, immigration, trade, smuggling, sovereignty, and identity.
Border Town is a 10-week, multi-participant collaborative design studio that will investigate the conditions that surround life in cities situated on borders, divided by borders, or located in conflict zones.

Zotonic, a CMS written in Erlang

The Art of the Title dissects the opening credits of films and television. This time they address HBO's A Game of Thrones.

a MoMA exhibit and history of the Whole Earth Catalog.

hello, Die Hard 4

Theremins in the New Yorker.
Nick Urata, DeVotchKa, New Yorker, May 9 2011

McSweeney's Dream Jobs That You're Glad You Didn't Pursue: So You Wanted to Be An Archaeologist

McSweeney's Dream Jobs That You're Glad You Didn't Pursue: So You Wanted to Be A Computer Programmer

awesome article on the Barkley ultramarathon

a GREAT writeup on the Bhagwan Shree Rajneeshee commune in Oregon and the crimes around its move from India
A much earlier book-length writeup was called Monkey on a Stick.


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