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get your viewing in now - badgerblog
May 10th, 2011
05:43 pm


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get your viewing in now

From the Carolina Theatre in Durham:

On June 13, we'll close for approximately 12 weeks to make significant upgrades including:

* Replacement of the carpeting throughout the entire building with a new historic pattern.
* Repair of the plaster and complete repainting of Fletcher Hall.
* New weathertight doors to Kirby Lobby, and the restoration of the signature windows in the Connie Moses Ballroom.
* Upgrades to sound in the cinemas and, we hope, in Fletcher Hall.
* And most excitingly, the restoration and opening for the first time of the Carolina Legacy Boxes, the six exclusive box seats in Fletcher Hall.

So mid-June to mid-September. Luckily there's other theatres in the area I also like: Rialto, Colony, Mission Valley...

And hey, 13 Assassins opens this Friday. Hmm...

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