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Subscape Annex at Savage Weekend AAR - badgerblog
May 7th, 2011
12:15 pm


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Subscape Annex at Savage Weekend AAR
Firstly, the event continues tonight with another huge list of performers beginning at 7pm and continuing to 2am. With 15min slots, it's the musical equivalent of North Carolina weather - don't like current conditions, wait a little and it'll change.

Last night show:

6-7 May (Friday through Saturday) - Chapel Hill - Savage Weekend music festival with many many performers- Nightlight - Facebook event - Songkick event

I was third at 7:30pm. Arrived at 6:30, set up, did sound check, was ready well before 7 and the first performers.

I used the Westone Rail Bass, two E-Bows, and the red effects pedal as a signal boost for the passive pickup on the bass. Didn't use any of the other effects, but it was good to have had them there as if the performance had led itself another direction I would have wanted the options. I imagine that when painting a picture, you may not end up using blue, but most people have blue available in case it's appropriate.

(The other piece of gear I used was the disc on the right: it's a timer that I keep visible to remind me how long I've been playing and not to run over my set time.)

My set was much the same as the show I played last month at Squidco in Wilmington where I used two E-Bows on a single string and worked with with overtones of dual E-Bows and the vibrational nodes that you can set up with them. With a physical bow the string is physically dampened by the pressure of the bow, but the E-Bow doesn't have to touch the string to feed energy into it. On the other hand, holding the E-Bow close enough to the string that the string itself strikes the E-Bow shell creates an additional shift in the sound. I'm working on a longer piece of this nature and hope to have a release later this year. But that's not yet.

People seemed to enjoy the set, and I appreciate all the kind words and the positive feedback I received last night. Thanks for coming.

Oh, and a lot of people asked about the instrument I was playing: it's a Westone Rail Bass, an '80s knockoff of a Steinberger headless bass, with a single movable pickup.


I like the tone better than this fellow did, but he has some nice pictures of it so I don't have to take and post more of mine.

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