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recent arrivals - badgerblog
April 19th, 2011
06:18 pm


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recent arrivals

From the bottom up:

* James Ellroy, Blood's a Rover

* Roland Green and Frieda Murray, Kantela - Part of a collection project.

* Christopher Moore, The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove - Didn't enjoy this as much as many of his other works.

* Book of Dark Wisdom, Issue 5, 6 - Dark fiction periodical.

* Iain Banks, A Song of Stone - Coming close to filling out my full reading set of Banks.

* Legendary Pink Dots, Paris in the Fall - DVD of one of my favorite bands in an excellent performance last fall.

* David Drake, The Reaches (trilogy) - I had the first and last in paperback, finding a used omnibus copy of the three was the easiest way to finish the set.

* Jack Womack, Let's Put the Future Behind Us - One of the very very few writers to ever make me tear up, this isn't part of his Dryco dystopia but a standalone.

* Iain Banks, Dead Air - See previous list.

* (left) Alabama 3, Revolver Soul and there will be peace in the valley - The two most recent albums by one of my other favorite bands. Some day I'd like to see them play live.

* (right) thirteen albums by Acid Mothers Temple and solo and side projects of the members - People have described AMT as absurdly prolific. This stack was what I picked up at their show this past Saturday. I left at least eight CDs on the table I didn't have. All of those eight and these thirteen have been released since the last time I saw them play, less than two years ago. I don't consider absurdly prolific to be inaccurate.


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