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Dear FullFrame - badgerblog
April 16th, 2011
09:00 am


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Dear FullFrame
When I'm paying approximately $14 - $20 a ticket per film at FullFrame I do not appreciate some jerk websurfing on his iPad for over half of a movie at the festival, illuminating his face and the walls nearby with a bright white glare. The film was a visually dark one and at several points he was the brightest-lit item in the room. At approximately fifty he is old enough to have known better and to step outside the theater into the hall if he had something that needed doing.

The festival only runs each film once (albeit with extremely limited repeat screenings on Sunday afternoon that aren't announced before Sunday afternoon), and I didn't have the luxury of walking out and seeing a later show without the jerk's presence. I was already in a less-than-stellar mood, but this was far beyond acceptable behavior for what is supposed to be a professional film festival.

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