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May 3rd, 2012
08:31 am


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misc links
It's getting warmer so my laptop fan is kicking in more often. Time to close tabs. via porphyre

quick grammar guide, save this

Fifty Fantasy & Science Fiction Works That Socialists Should Read, By China Miéville

You Already Have a Customer Insight Department in your Company. Use Them.

Madame Bovary and (DeLillo's) Underworld as pie charts

if you work in games, and like Toronto,
"Ubisoft… plans to invest $500 million CAD ($505 million) and quadruple the office's headcount to 800+ employees"

the Kuleshov Effect
"In the early 20th century, Russian filmmaker and theorist Lev Kuleshov discovered that a single shot of an actor with an ambiguous expression on his face could convey a multitude of very distinct meanings in the mind of the viewer, depending on the nature of the shot immediately preceding it. In 1918 he conducted his famous experiment (below) using a single shot of the silent film actor Ivan Mozzhukhin’s face looking at something off-camera. Kuleshov spliced it in with a series of quite different images–a bowl of soup, a dead child, a scantily clad woman–and discovered that the audience would interpret Mozzhukhin’s emotion (hunger, pity, lust) depending on the juxtaposition."

Durham Startup Stampede

MacBook Air? This looks good


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