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February 23rd, 2012
08:38 am


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misc links

deconflicted at all levels
that's bureaucratese for "kissed and made up", I think.

failure or opportunity, Greenaway seems arguing for the latter

Walter Jon Williams on writing and alternate reality gaming
Just finished his three ARG-related novels.

One of my favorite comics may be coming back for another short run

Atlas Obscura is full of great locations like this

10 Rules of Maker Business
"The Buddy Stamp was a replacement of the typical bar stamp that one received upon entering the bar. Instead of the typical bar stamp, they replaced it with a QR code. When the QR code was scanned from 8pm – 10pm, patrons received bar offers and discounts on some of their favorite drinks. From 10pm to 6am, the QR code scan provided local cab service numbers. From 6am to 4pm, the QR code scan provided hangover tips.

It’s a somewhat interesting concept that utilizes the same QR code for several different interactions.

Over 85% of bar patrons with smartphones used the Buddy Stamp in the club and shared their evening on Facebook."

I've had similar experiences, although even I wasn't this vitriolic afterward

Kevin J Anderson writing novelization of Rush's new album

long-term Nortel breach
roughly a decade's access

a perfect spy

40 movies that aren't available on netflix, but their lame sequels are

just the thing for your next steampunk event

use iPhone to reduce junk mail


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