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storytelling, igniting, SCIENCE!, and sound - badgerblog
January 17th, 2010
10:57 pm


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storytelling, igniting, SCIENCE!, and sound

Thursday morning I met with the director of the play I am doing the sound design for Burning Coal Theatre's next play, Conor McPherson's The Seafarer - we went over the script again identifying what he was thinking he wanted and my suggesting what I could do for him. Highly productive meeting. For Thursday evening we went to Alivia's near Brightleaf in Durham for The Monti standup storytelling session - this session was associated with the Science Online 2010 Conference this weekend in RTP. I thought the food at Alivia's was ok, and the service was fairly poor, but I was mostly there to listen to scientists, science writers, and science fiction writer John Kessel, talk about what inspires them. The talks were great. I plan to go back to future events at the Monti as I can.

(Note: The Monti sessions tend to sell out in advance, I strongly recommend buying advance tickets through their website. Next session is January 27.)

Friday I fed the scorpions, made more notes, and saw sad Ethan vampire. At least these vampires do not sparkle. Oh, and lunablack gave me a neat mini-Moleskine notebook that looks like a blank passport for a gnome. Thanks!

Saturday I spent in sessions at the Science Online 2010 Conference and the evening I began running the projector and ended organizing more of the Ignite format-inspired lightning talks during the conference evening banquet. I've attended all four of the conferences and they've always been interesting, this was the first time I was working even part of it. It was great to help out. Afterward one of the presenters suggested I put together an Ignite format talk on how to optimize AV and stage management for Ignite events, which was a nice vote of confidence, and today several people said thanks for my work last evening. After the banquet some much-needed decompression was provided by rdansky and melindadansky, for which I give thanks :).

Today has been reading, disquieting news, tediousness, but on the other hand some progress on the sound design - which explains why I spent part of the afternoon in a dark bathroom with a flashlight and field recorder jiggling the tank lever on a flush toilet.

Addendum: The conference organizer Bora seems to have a Google Alert for the conference:
this was posted about an hour after my blog post here went up :).

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Date:January 18th, 2010 03:35 pm (UTC)
Science Communication conference. I'd been wondering what that event's about. I'm intrigued by the Twitter-based fish-catch logging. The whole thing looks really cool.

Getting to hear the Google Wave for n00bs would have been very useful right now. I vaguely understand it's online collaboration but I haven't seen anything that helps me grasp it fairly quickly. I've been looking at a few online collaborative tools for our Watershed Restoration Planning and related stream restoration projects, but only skimming them. The most concisely explained one wins out the current project - in this case Wiggio.

This looks like the kind of thing my coworker, the environmental educator, really could have gotten a lot out of. Also the Citizen Science stuff.
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Date:January 18th, 2010 04:38 pm (UTC)
I've found the Conference interesting and valuable all four years that I've attended it.

Here's a Google Wave intro presentation my friend jay did a few months ago.

The presentations from Science Online 2010 are, I believe, being posted to youtube - check with the conference organizer BoraZ ( http://twitter.com/BoraZ http://coturnix.org/ ) as to if/when the Google Wave one will be online.
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