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Onion Head Monster and Subscape Annex invade Carrboro, 14 November - badgerblog
November 10th, 2007
02:07 pm


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Onion Head Monster and Subscape Annex invade Carrboro, 14 November
And now for my next trickshow:

Paul Friedrich of Onion Head Monster and Hellcar fame is holding a reception this Wednesday evening at Wootini. Around Paul's presentation, I will perform an improvisational live looping set of my audible vision project concept, taking Paul's posters for the exhibit and processing the graphic images as sound files, chopping and looping the samples.

See and hear Paul Friedrich speak.

See and hear Paul's artwork.

What: Art exhibit, reception, and talk by Paul Friedrich with music by Subscape Annex.

When: Wednesday 14 November, 7-10pm.

Where: Wootini, Carr Mill Mall, Carrboro NC.

Sponsored by the Nasher Museum of Art.

For tech details in brief: I use the GPL'd Audacity sound editor to convert the sound files, and Sooperlooper live looping sampler for performing the created samples.

(also blogged over at HASTAC)

Forwarded message below from the Wootini maillist.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

However, we have a second event sponsored by the Nasher Museum in Durham.

November 14, 2007 - Paul Friedrich - Take 2 - The Nasher Edition

Join the Nasher Museum's Young Friends at Wootini in Carrboro, the Triangle's only exclusive designer vinyl and art gallery. Onion Head Monster artist and HellCar creator Paul Friedrich will be discussing his influences and experience as a local artist. Mingle with peers, view the new exhibition of Friedrich's work, and shop for limited-edition art, figures, and gifts. Reception with cash bar or something like that we hope.

The Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University fosters the understanding and appreciation of the visual arts by providing direct experiences with original works of art supported by a range of exhibitions, programs and publications for the university and the broader community. The museum draws on the intellectual resources of a great research university and serves as a laboratory of the arts dedicated to multidisciplinary approaches to learning. These strategies make the Nasher at Duke a unique cornerstone of the arts for Duke University, Durham and the Triangle community, the State of North Carolina and the greater Southeast region. More information on the Nasher can be found at the Nasher's website http://www.nasher.duke.edu/ .

Here is a snapshot of my desktop working on this project.

Lower left: source graphic image. Top: Source graphic image opened in Audacity sound editor. Bottom right: Sound files opened in Sooperlooper.

(Desktop snapshot added.)

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